Is Coaching Right For You, your Team, your Business?

This may surprise you to read here - Coaching & Training is NOT for everyone! Although FocalPoint Coaches & Trainers provide proven solutions for any business in the multifaceted areas of Time, Team, Money and Strategy; what we know to be true is it takes a special person, team or business to be coachable. Are YOU willing to learn more and do more - to achieve more?

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I coach professionals & business owners JUST LIKE YOU to achieve their dreams!

What can get you the foundation for true growth, in applying two unique paradigms to put your and your team's creativity to work, and into practical action? The Theatre of Commerce tools take you beyond mere 'goalsetting' into the multi-dimensional, creative world of your business' untapped potential and unimagined capacity. We align leaders, teams and their markets, by accessing the "nine-tenths of the iceberg below the surface" that's already there in your business, waiting to be engaged.

Then, with your business' true potential identified, the coaching paradigm and curriculum of FocalPoint Business Coaching & Training Excellence (consistently ranked #1 in the field of business services) helps you build solid strategies to increase productivity and profitability (the twin pillars of business success) on that foundation - in a customized program:

  1. "Know Thyself & Thy Business";
  2. Create your Business' "Dashboard" with the right metrics for you;
  3. Clarify what Business You're Really In, or should be in;
  4. Get your Marketing and Sales Strategies lined up in front of your purpose-values-mission-vision continuum; and
  5. Engage in Goalsetting and Time Management in the full expresssion of your Unique Value Proposition.

Productivity and Profitability: the twin pillars of business growth.

When you invest in coaching or training; SOMEDAY is TODAY!